Retreat Program

Throughout the year, the Rigdzin Community organises a number of retreats in Spain, Switzerland, and the various centres. They are guided by Namkha Rinpoche, and include a mixture of extensive teachings, and intensive periods of practice.

"Once you have the View, you will be like the sky
When a rainbow appears, it is not flattered 

When clouds appear, it is not disappointed

There is a deep sense of contentment"

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Special Events

The Rigdzin Community has also been organising some landmarks events, and has been blessed to receive some of the most eminent masters of our times. 

Padmakara Ling

Padmakara Ling är den svenska grenen av den internationalla föreningen Rigdzin Community grundad och ledd av Namkha Rinpoche. Vi studerar och utövar Vajrayana buddhism, i synnerhet Dudjom Tersar inom Nyingma  traditionen.